Finding the Best Treadmill with Bluetooth

There are two main types of treadmills – those that have Bluetooth and those that do not have the Bluetooth feature but rely on external gadgets and apps to monitor your performance.

Do Treadmills Have Bluetooth?

Many good treadmills these days come equipped with Bluetooth technology. You download the app on your cellphone or tablet and when you use the treadmill, the Bluetooth transmits your running stats (speed, time, distance covered, incline level, heart rate, etc.) to this app.

Best 5 Treadmills with Bluetooth

If you are looking to buy a treadmill, you must go for a treadmill with Bluetooth compatibility. Smartphones and smart devices are trending, and they are here to stay. The Bluetooth-enabled treadmill is not just the future, it will assist you in your running adventures for years to come without getting obsolete.

SereneLife SLFTRD Compact Treadmill

If you are looking for a compact treadmill that you can put in the corner of your room or the living room, SereneLife SLFTRD Treadmill is what you are looking for. It is not only compact in size, but it can also be folded to further shorten down the surface area it takes making it very practical, to say the least.

But the lighter weight (57.32 pounds) and the size do not mean that the quality or the practicality has been compromised. In fact, portability is one of its pros as you can move it around the house and put it in a smaller room – this foldable compact-sized treadmill is quite versatile. With an item dimension (length x width x height) of 27.5 inches x 24 inches x 51.2 inches, this SereneLife treadmill is manufactured using high-quality Aluminum.

The digital LCD displays your important workout stats including heart rate, calories burnt, speed, distance covered as well as the running time. You can link it with the FitShow app (available for Android and iOS) and enjoy working out with your phone or tablet in front of you.

The speed range this treadmill offers is from 0.6 mph to 6 mph. This could land as one of its cons as you may find many other Bluetooth-enabled treadmills with a better speed range, however with a motor power of 1.0 HP, the SereneLife SLFTRD18 does a pretty decent job.

GYGJXIZ-Z Zwjpbj Treadmills for Home

Powered with 2.5 Horsepower, the GYGJXIZ-Z Treadmill is jam-packed with all the essential training support you need. It is Bluetooth compatible and boasts an HD LED display to keep you engaged when you work out.

With 60 decibel noise, this quiet treadmill is ideal to be placed anywhere inside your house. And thanks to its convenient folding mechanism, you can safely fold it when not in use. The GYGJXIZ-Z Treadmill offers you a comfortable run where you can set speed from 1 to 12km/hr. It gives you important information including time, speed, distance, calories burnt, and the 1020 mm x 440 mm running area is ideal for you to enjoy running, jogging, and walking.

It features safety handrails that are sturdy and wide to assist you in case you lose your balance, making it ideal for senior citizens as well as younger fitness buffs. The cloud shock technology makes sure your ankles and knees are protected when you do your workout. You can fold it to create more room in your home.

It has a package size of 141 cm x 76.5 cm x 25.4 cm and is around 138 cm x 68 cm x 124 cm when in use. You can fold it compactly to 68 cm x 54 cm x 144 cm.

Recommended for 120 kg or under weigh-limit, the only con is that it does not have a heart rate monitor. This amazing treadmill is only for $1,930.69.

JHHXW Folding Treadmill Electric Motorized Running Machine

It is simple, cost-effective, and still does a great job of delivering you an unmatched fitness routine. The JHHXW Electric Treadmill has a smoothly running motor that keeps it as quiet as possible when giving you the best performance.

With this Bluetooth compatible treadmill, just connect to the FitShow and do your workout. You can enjoy as much as 15 different programs so you do not get the feeling of having a monotonous running experience.

It has an adjustable incline feature (3 incline levels) and you can toggle the speed between 0.5 to 10 MPH. Enjoy a wide running space of 47 inches x 16.5 inches. It caters to runners with a maximum user weight capacity of 264 pounds. It offers a heart-rate monitoring system that is ideal for athletes of all ages, especially for senior citizens.

For only $875.53, it is half the price as many other treadmills in the market that offer the same feature, making its price one of its biggest pros. When not in use, simply fold it up and enjoy your floor space. It has an assembly size of 56.9 inches x 22.8 inches x 45.1 inches and when folded it has a compact size of 36.6 inches x 22.8 inches x 42.7 inches. It has side handrails for safety, as well as an emergency magnetic pull-out feature that protects you in case you lose your balance.

The JHHXW Folding Treadmill is easy to assemble – just take it out of the box, tighten the screws and you are good to go!

Gold’s Gym Trainer 430i Treadmill with iFit Technology

If you want to enjoy the fitness routine guided by some of the world’s best personal trainers, Gold’s Gym collaborates with iFit to bring you exactly that, and a lot more. The 430i Treadmill is equipped with incline technology that adjusts the resistance to match real-life terrain so you get the feeling of running on different terrains in the comfort of your home.

With dimensions of 56 inches length, 29.1 inches width, and 64.9 inches height of the 300-pound treadmill, you can go as fast as 10 miles per hour. Do not worry about the treadmill taking up a lot of your space, when you are done just fold its deck up and you have your whole area to yourself.

The set-up is quite easy as well – you don’t have to worry about its assembly, all you have to do is to take it out of the box and off you go! It is compatible with iPod so you can listen to your favorite tunes from Gold’s Gym Trainer 430i’s dual speakers while enjoying your running.

Gold’s Gym’s Trainer 430i Treadmill boasts a dual-grip heart rate monitor along with a power incline feature. And it is easy on your joints – thanks to the AirStride cushioning. Every day, you will receive three customized workout routines exclusively designed keeping your profile in mind – talking about having the best trainer in the world!

UNBRUVO 2.0 HP Folding Running Treadmill

The UNBRUVO 2.0 HP Treadmill is packed with 2 Horsepower and offers 12 interactive programs for your fitness routine. Its powerful motor gives you a quiet but challenging running, jogging, or walking workout where you can set your speed limit from 0.8 to 12 km/hr.

With its high definition LED display, you get a blue screen eye protection feature that keeps you engaged without getting hard on the eyes. The UNBRUVO Electric Treadmill features pressure balanced lateral shock absorption mechanism and is great for all ages. It has a tread width of 56 cm (2.04 inches) and a track width of 40 cm (15.74 inches) along with having a running deck / runway length of 105 cm (41.33 inches).

One of its highlights is its built in Bluetooth connectivity as it can easily connect with your cellphone or tablet and play high-quality sound – who doesn’t enjoy music on the treadmill? The UNBRUVO 2.0 HP has dimensions of 122cm x 112cm x 68cm (48inches x 44inches x 27 inches) when in use and you can fold it compactly to get a size of 132 cm x 68 cm x 54 cm (52inches x 27inches x 21inches).

It comes with a comprehensive user manual and has an American plug that uses 110V. You can get your elegant black treadmill for $1,340.00.

Bluetooth on Treadmills

Some treadmill companies have their apps in the market and the app comes with the treadmill as part of your fitness package. Most of the Bluetooth connectivity enabled treadmills, however, can be connected with dozens of good fitness apps available for Android and iOS. These apps give you a complete set of features including your workout stats, weekly stats, and progress, as well as your goals. With customized running programs, you can achieve your goal and your fitness level at the comfort of your home or gym.

What Can You Do with a Bluetooth on a Treadmill?

Once you set up your treadmill, install the app, and set up the connection, all your treadmill activities are then transferred to this app via Bluetooth. You can compare your stats on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or you can even compete with other fitness buffs and treadmill users.

Companies like Proform and NordicTrack have their own iFit apps. These apps are super smart and help you achieve your fitness goals by giving you options to download different workout routines as well as providing you with the feeling of running through a certain scenery while you are on your treadmill.

There are some treadmills that have a Bluetooth feature but do not come with an app. This is because there are lots of excellent apps like Zwift and RunSocial, to name a few, that you can use while using your treadmill. These treadmill apps let you customize your workouts that you will then be reminded to follow, track your running stats, and give you a graphic representation of your performance. Not only that, these apps let you connect with likeminded fitness enthusiasts and you compete them or just publish your stats and feel good about your achievements.

Some Apps Don’t Need a Bluetooth Treadmill – Why?

If you have already invested in a treadmill that does not have a Bluetooth feature, or if you find Bluetooth enabled treadmills to go out of your budget, you have some good news. While you may not be able to connect your treadmill with your smartphone to get your running data, you can always find devices that you can attach with your shoe and it does the exact function. These devices are known as foot pods or run pods.

Using your shoelaces, you can attach a foot pod to the middle of one of your shoes. This device then transmits your running data to a fitness app on your phone. Provided the work they do, these run pods are not expensive and you can find many good brands offering reliable run pods, such as Stryd, Zwift, and Garmin.

The best part about using these run pods, for instance, Zwift, is that whether you are using your home treadmill, or are traveling and using the hotel’s gym facilities, you can stay connected with your fitness buddies through these apps and enjoy a structured workout as well as running sessions as per your fitness play.

Run pods like Stryd account for your body’s fatigue level, wind, slopes, and speed to come up with the most precise stats. If you do not have the Bluetooth feature on your treadmill, you should go for the running pods that reliable brands like Garmin, Zwift, and Stryd offer.


When you decide to purchase a treadmill, it is totally up to you to go for one that has the Bluetooth connectivity feature (but is relatively expensive) or go for a cheaper treadmill and purchase a run pod to track your stats to get the motivation and competitiveness you need.

Since a home treadmill is not something you will buy regularly, it is always a great idea to go for the one that has the trending technology, i.e., Bluetooth feature, so that you can enjoy it in the long run (literally!). Once you get your treadmill and your running stats in your cellphone, all you have to do is to enjoy running with your online running community and make sure you set new fitness targets! If you think running can be boring, get yourself a Bluetooth-compatible treadmill and think again!

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