Which are the Best Running Shoes for Treadmill Workout?

There is nothing like hitting the gym and burning calories on a treadmill. It helps you get in shape while keeping your spirits high. However, sometimes, people find it hard to run on treadmills due to inadequate shoes. Let’s see which shoes are the best for running on a treadmill and how to choose the best treadmill shoe for you.

You will come across innumerable running shoes for treadmills on the market. But, not all of them deliver the right amount of comfort that you require. Conversely, there are some excellent options, too, just like the Under Armour Men’s Charged Asset 8 running shoes.

These running shoes have stood out the most to us both because of their cushioning system and flexibility. They also weigh next to nothing, so running in them does not tire you.

Best Treadmill Running Shoes

Most gym-wear companies have amazing-quality running shoes. They are designed with the needs of fitness freak runners in mind, so they do their work really well.

So, we have gone through most of them and chosen 7 of the best treadmill running shoes for treadmill workout to review for you. Read on to see which one works out the best for you and which factors to consider.

1. Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe


  • Synthetic sole brings great comfort.
  • Leather overlays to lock midfoot.
  • 84% polyester in the construction.


  • Midsole has charged cushioning.
  • Greater breathability with printed mesh.
  • Import-quality shoes deliver better performance.
  • Cushioning and flexibility are well-balanced.
  • Better stretch with 16% elastane.


  • Grey soles look dirty with sweat and grime.

These Under Armour shoes have an amazing quality with its mixed construction materials and they are one of the best treadmill running shoes for men. As it has 84% polyester and 16% elastane in its construction, it provides greater durability. The polyester helps in keeping the running shoes for treadmill workout safe from most kinds of damage.

On the other hand, elastane helps in improving the flexibility and stretch of the shoes. In addition to being practically and well cushioned, this makes it easier for your feet to fit well in the shoes. This improves traction and avoids all kinds of fatigue.

Moreover, it has a digital printed mesh on its interior, which keeps the breathability high and your feet cool. This way, there is lesser sweating, and you get to have a firm footing when you run on a treadmill.

As its midsole has charged cushioning, it does not cause your feet to have any strain. Lastly, these are imported quality shoes, so you will have an incredible experience with these.

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe


  • Asics gel cushioning system in the rearfoot.
  • Shaft has a low top design.
  • Effective uphill and downhill traction.


  • Rubber sole does not need frequent replacement.
  • Can accommodate orthotics too.
  • Good shock absorbing pair of shoes with Asics gel cushioning.
  • Easy movement to midstance.
  • AHAR outsole to prevent abrasion.


  • Mesh on the sides frays quickly.

ASICS has one of the most reliable treadmill running shoes as they retain their quality for long periods of time. Being among the best men’s treadmill running shoes, these shoes have Asics gel cushioning, which keeps the soles cool and comfortable. They actively prevent any sweating or heating up of feet, even when you are running at high speeds.

In addition, these shoes have a removable sock liner, so you can fit in any orthotics too. This is particularly beneficial for people who have any medical conditions or need orthotics for better movement. Furthermore, the shoes have high flexibility, which provides better traction for both uphill and downhill running.

To top it all off, it has AHAR outsole, which prevents high abrasion and other skin-related issues. So, you can be sure of getting a consistent and comfortable running experience with these ASICS shoes.

3. Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe


  • Minimalist design fits multiple purposes including treadmill use.
  • Soft sock liner for greater comfort.
  • Rubber outsoles to minimize friction.


  • Better support with soft fresh foam midsole.
  • High breathability with knit lightweight shoe wrap.
  • Better traction with rubber outsoles.
  • Stable running with soft foam midsole.
  • Smoother landing with reinforced heels.


  • Produces loud smacking noises.

These Nike shoes are the best bid for people who value both practicality and style. The black shoes look cool and help you get in the right workout feels. They bring more confidence to your personality since they look remarkably good.

Along with this, they have a minimalist design that does not have any suffocating cushioning or padding. There is only the required amount of cushioning to ensure a soft landing.

Also, it has a soft sock liner that helps you put the shoes on without any difficulty. It comes with a rubberized outsole that does not get thin with constant running. Rather, it retains its thickness and does not get damaged due to friction.

Moreover, the midsoles have soft foam on them, so there is a more stable movement. The heels have extra padding to make your landing soft too, so there will be no injuries. This is why these are perfect running companions for even overweight folks.

4. Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe


  • Stylish shoes with a reinforced back.
  • Low top measuring shaft.
  • Sleek black and white construction.


  • Do not get loose on frequent use.
  • Rubberized outsole avoids slipping.
  • 100% synthetic sole lasts for years.
  • Breathable material for optimal comfort.
  • No laces make it easy to put on.


  • Ripping near the toes reported.

These Adidas shoes have impressed us with their softness and cool aesthetics. They have a sporty vibe that helps runners feel more at ease. This then motivates them to hit even higher speeds when they are on a treadmill.

Moreover, they have a reinforced back, which helps in staying agile but prevents any injury-inducing movement. They help you stay active with the thick sole, as it does not make you feel like running barefoot.

In addition, the sole has a 100% synthetic construction, so it does not get out of shape on daily use. The rubberized outsole further increases the durability as it does not let your foot come in contact with the treadmill running platform. This then helps your heels stay relaxed even when you run for some extra minutes.

As these shoes do not have any laces, it is fairly easy to put them on. They also do not cause you to fall as shoes with laces do when their knot comes undone.

5. Adidas Questar Flow Running Shoes


  • Soft knit upper from textile.
  • Red sole does not get dirty.
  • Sock-like construction helps fit the feet better.


  • OrthoLite float sock liner.
  • Lace closure ensures a firm fit.
  • Cloudfoam midsole has a softer cushioning.
  • Step in comfort due to the softer interior.
  • Firm outsole for better grip.


  • All-white shoes are easy to stain.

Adidas has a huge number of satisfied clients when it comes to footwear. This is why they have some of the best options for treadmill runners as well. These Questar flow shoes are no different since they have a chic appearance with a black and white color scheme. The shoes have red soles that do not get grimy or dirty easily, so you do not hesitate while removing them in front of your friends.

Moreover, they have a sock-like construction, which helps them fit your feet quite snugly. This, of course, does not cut your blood supply but plays its role in keeping up traction.

Other than this, these shoes have an OrthoLite float sock liner, which helps in putting them on and off easily. This gets easier with a soft interior since it moves according to the shape of your feet to accommodate them. Hence going for these when running on a treadmill will surely be a good decision on your part.

6. Nike Men’s Running Shoe


  • Stretch upper fits like a sock.
  • Low foam density provides greater flexibility.
  • Seamless fitting with bootie construction.


  • Synthetic sole withstands daily wear.
  • Grooved design to add flexibility.
  • Smoother instep with asymmetrical laces.
  • Stylish design helps you stand out.
  • Snug-fitting with an elastic upper.


  • Restricted breathability.
  • They squeak while you walk.

Nike is one of the most-loved producers of training shoes both for indoors and outdoor running. These shoes hold true to Nike’s reputation and provide maximum comfort to the runners. They have a snug fit due to the stretched upper that fits like a sock. It wraps your feet well without crushing them or exerting extra pressure.

Moreover, these shoes have a synthetic sole that does not lose its integrity easily. It can go on working well even for years without needing a replacement. Furthermore, these shoes have a seamless fitting, which makes the interior even more lovable. It does not have any seams or threads poking your feet while you are trying to burn excess fat.

In addition, there are asymmetrical laces at the side that help in keeping the instep smooth and spacious. These shoes have grooves running from the toes to the heels, so they have better traction and movement. Thus, you will love running on your treadmill if you have these best running shoes on.

7. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 23 WAVEKNIT Running Shoe


  • Dynamic fit allows better traction.
  • Shock absorption with U4ic midsole.
  • Wave construction allows better hold.


  • Reinforced rubber outsole.
  • Cooler running without sweating.
  • Parallel cloud wave for soft cushioning.
  • Comes at a highly affordable price.
  • Knit material to ventilate the shoe.


  • Padding around the ankles is bulky.

These Mizuno shoes have caught our eye with the U4ic midsole, which helps in shock absorption. It distributes your weight well throughout the sole to minimize any strain on midfoot or heels. In addition to this, there is a wave-based construction of these shoes, which increases their reliability. The waves help in establishing a firm yet soft landing. They also do not let you slip as they have grooves in them.

Moreover, these shoes are thoroughly ventilated, so there is no sweating. The parallel cloud wave creates a soft cushioning for you to land on, but it does not get overly stuffed. The knit material not only increases the breathability of these shoes but also helps them look cool. These shoes also have an incredibly low price, considering their features and high quality.

As they have a dynamic fit, you never feel like your feet are bound at a specific orientation only. You can move them freely according to your needs. Hence, these are among the best shoes for treadmill workout and they are certainly a wise choice for those who need greater ease of running on the treadmill.

Important Attributes of Best Running Shoes for Treadmill Workouts

You need high-quality treadmill running shoes to make sure that you avoid any fatigue or injuries. Here are some of the attributes that you need to look for when choosing the right pair of treadmill running shoes.


While investing in any product, you need to make sure that it does not give up on you when you need it. The treadmill shoes have to be durable so that they do not get any damage due to daily wear.

Shoe Anatomy

Shoe anatomy is another important factor that you have to consider. A great shoe should have a better instep and outsole to balance your foot well. It should also have a wide enough toe box and adapt to the shape of your feet to provide a better fitting and to have a proper arch support. You may either choose a neutral shoe or should go for a stability shoe if you overpronate.


The cushioning and padding of shoes need your attention, too, since they directly affect your comfort. The padding should be neither too thick nor too thin to help you have just the right amount of space inside the shoes, so extra cushioning is not always the best choice.


Flexibility is also a significant factor that you have to be mindful of. The flexibility of shoes helps them wrap around your feet better without restricting your movement.


Summing it all up, you need particular treadmill running shoes to make the most out of your workout. They help you have less strain on your joints and feet. This way, you feel fresh and ready to run another mile even when you are at the end of your running goal. So, make sure to invest in a pair of quality treadmill shoes to have smoother running experience.

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