How to Move a Treadmill? – A Maintenance Guide

Many fitness enthusiasts have a treadmill in their homes, while many others look forward to buying it soon. Having a treadmill is one thing; it helps you to maintain fitness. Having to move a treadmill into your new home is another thing; it helps you to showcase your fitness. However, no matter how strong you are, moving a treadmill can be a big thing to do.

To move a treadmill, call a friend or two for help. Move the treadmill on wheels or with the help of a furniture dolly. Decide according to the machine – whether it is a folding or a non-folding treadmill – and the owner’s manual. Be very careful if moving the treadmill upstairs or downstairs. This is a difficult process, and caution will help avoid muscle tear or back pain. Hire professional movers if necessary.

Important Things to Know About Moving a Treadmill

Read on, and you will come across some important things that you must know when moving a treadmill to help simplify your task.

1. Read the Treadmill Manual for any Moving Instructions

Most treadmills come with a user manual or owner’s manual. Many people do not pay much heed to these; however, this is exactly one of those moments when these manuals can save your life. Pick up the manual and read through the details to get a better perspective on.

  • How much does your machine weigh? Will you be able to handle it alone, and lift the treadmill or will you need backup?
  • Can it be folded, or should you dismantle it?
  • Can it be moved on its wheels, or using a furniture dolly will be more feasible?

The manual will have all the instructions regarding these queries. In fact, most manuals contain step-by-step directions on folding or dismantling, or whatever is necessary about the machine. If you have lost the manual, no worries. In this era of the internet, the manual is just a click away from you. All you need to do is visit the company website, find your product there, and open the manual given in the details.

2. Unplug the Treadmill and Remember to Remove the Safety Key

Unplugging your treadmill is the most obvious step to do. In case you forget that, you may end up damaging the plug or the wire, or you may even fall because of the jolt, which is less likely as compared to the other two, but it is still a possibility.

So, never forget to unplug your treadmill. After that, fold the cord and tape it to avoid it from getting in your way during shifting. Also, remember to remove the safety key.

3. Fold or Dismantle the Treadmill

Now, if you have read the manual of your treadmill, you must have realized whether it is a foldable treadmill or not. If it is, begin folding it as described in the manual’s folding instructions and lock it in the folded position. This is done to ensure that neither it nor you may be harmed during the process of moving.

If your treadmill can be dismantled, we recommend this as the best option to carry out. Just follow the instructions given in the guide or get the help of a professional. In case you dismantle non-folding treadmills yourself, be very careful with their parts. Place all the small things, like the safety key, bolts, and nuts, in a bag.

Arrange all the parts in an organized way so that you may not lose anything. After taking all the material to the desired room, reassemble everything as it was before and do not forget to lock all the parts in place.

4. Remove any Doors or Obstacles in the Way

As said earlier, the importance of planning ahead can never be less emphasized. Before you get into this whole process, check out the path across which you have to move the treadmill. Make sure that it is clear of any obstacles when you move a treadmill, to avoid any problems, for example, consider moving carpets not to get stuck during the moving process.

Check the door size of the room where you have to move it to and compare it with the size of the machine. If you feel that the door may cause a hindrance while moving in the machine, feel free to unhinge it.

Also, if there are any pets or kids in the house, you must be extra careful. Make sure that they remain in a separate room under the supervision of an adult or at least out of the way.

5. Use a Furniture Dolly if Needed

Furniture Dolly
In case your treadmill does not have wheels, we recommend that you use a furniture dolly. If you do not have one, you may buy it or even rent it. Dollies can carry up to 1000 pounds of weight, and that will be more than enough to do your job.

They are highly favored when moving heavy equipment as they help to save your back from wearing out because of excessive lifting. The way to use them is not difficult at all. Simply follow the points mentioned below:

  • Slightly lift the object, in this case, the treadmill, and slide the dolly beneath it.
  • Secure the item onto the moving dolly with straps or tie-downs, make sure you cover it with moving blankets for protection.
  • Make sure that the item is carefully balanced on the dolly, with the weight distributed evenly.

6. How to Move a Treadmill Downstairs?

Be very careful when moving a treadmill downstairs.

Moving a treadmill safely downstairs can be even more difficult, but it is definitely not impossible. When you move a treadmill it will work best if done slowly. Lift the treadmill upward slowly, using the weight in your legs and not your back. The person on the lower side should be a strong individual, or else you can make two people divide the weight on that end. The one on the upper end must maintain a good grip and not just let the whole weight fall on the person at the lower side.

Your hands must be dry to provide a firm grip. In the case of sweating, you can wipe them or use moving gloves. If there is a turn in your staircase, the situation can get really complicated. If it seems that you will not be able to get through this by yourself, do not hesitate to call for professional help because you do not want to lament your actions later.

7. Can You Install a Treadmill on the Second Floor?

A treadmill can be installed on the second floor without a doubt. All you need is one person who is muscular enough to carry it upstairs. For that, you can consult a professional moving company. Otherwise, you can do yourself a favor, read the user’s manual, and work accordingly by dismantling your treadmill or using a dolly to move it. Be careful with its parts, especially with the smaller ones.

After having it dismantled and moving all the material to the one room you have chosen, reassemble everything as it was before and do not forget to lock everything in place. This will help to save you from any worries in the future. You can consult the manual for any guidance regarding reassembly.

8. Hire a Moving Company if Absolutely Need to

If you cannot find any help and consider it difficult to carry out the task by yourself, do hire a moving company. This will not only save your time and energy, but it will also prevent any serious injury or unpleasant accidents. Remember that whenever you need them, moving companies can prove to be really helpful. They connect you with professionals who have the proper moving truck, all the moving supplies, and the experience of lifting heavy objects in their everyday life.

Therefore, they know better how to move a treadmill, and shift it to its new location without damaging the walls or the exercise equipment. This will keep you safe from that backache at the same time. So, asking for professional help is not a bad idea at all.


A treadmill is such a great invention for maintaining fitness while staying indoors. Having to move it must not become a source of stress for anyone. Keeping this in mind, we have brought forward this article for you. Hopefully, the moving instructions mentioned above will help to solve your issue. Just remember to keep yourself safe from any injury while moving it. Also, be careful with the machine itself; you do not want to get it damaged!

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