How Much Electricity Does a Treadmill Use?

A treadmill is an excellent gym machine that enables you to achieve your fitness goals. But, when investing in a treadmill, you must also consider additional costs, including maintenance and repairs and – except for manual treadmills – electricity costs. So, before buying a treadmill, every prudent fitness enthusiast would want to know whether it would increase their energy costs. Here’s an insight into how much electricity a treadmill uses and the factors affecting electricity usage.

Does a Treadmill Use a Lot of Electricity?

A 600-watt treadmill used for 20 hours a month will use 12,000 (600×20) watts of power – treadmill usage may bring a spike in utility bills, given the amount of consumed units. Treadmill power consumption depends on treadmill wattage, running speed, incline, how old the treadmill is and how frequently it is used.

Have you ever considered the possibility of an increase in your electricity bill due to the use of electric treadmills?

Factors Affecting Treadmill Power Consumption

So how much electricity does a treadmill use? There’s no fixed amount when it comes to treadmill power. Based on a few factors, electricity consumption may vary. Some of the more influencing factors when it comes to the total power consumption include:

Treadmill Wattage

The wattage of the treadmill plays a crucial role in determining how much electricity it will consume. You must understand your machine’s wattage since it will help you calculate the total energy it uses.

Consider the size of the electric motor of your machine to know the wattage rating. Most treadmills consume between 300 and 900 watts (that is 0.3 and 0.9 kilowatt-hour). You may do some calculations to get an estimate of the amount of electricity your treadmill will use and how it will affect your costs.


For calculating it, make sure to assess your treadmill usage in a month and then multiply it by the maximum wattage of your treadmill. For instance, a 600-watt treadmill used for a total of 20 hours per month will use 12,000 (600×20) watts of power.

Convert it to kilowatt, and it will be equal to 12 (12000/1000) kilowatts of electricity monthly cost. So, with this calculation, you can easily determine the extra cost of your utility bill.

Frequency of Treadmill Use

Will you use the machine daily? If so, then your usage will affect the amount of electricity your treadmill will consume.

For instance, people who exercise two hours a day for the whole week are more likely to have higher electricity expenses. On the other hand, people who use the machine for only 30 minutes four days a week will have lower electricity bills.

The more you use the machine, the higher the electricity costs will be. Thus, depending on your usage of the fitness equipment, you can determine how much electricity your treadmill would use.

Running Speed

The speed at which your treadmill will run is a crucial factor in determining how much electricity it uses. You must consider how fast you will run on the treadmill. For example, walking at a slow pace will consume less electricity compared to running for a longer period.

It might be tricky to measure power consumption accurately since people run at varying speeds during the workout. Some may begin walking at 1.5 miles/hour and increase it to 6 mph or more once they are warmed up, and then end their workout with a 0.5 mph cool down.

In this case, the speed setting you use the most will determine your treadmill’s energy usage. So, if you do not monitor your speed, it is time you start monitoring it now.

Treadmill Incline

When incline is used on a treadmill, it simulates running uphill, which increases the intensity of the workout. Every treadmill has varying incline options, allowing you to adjust it according to the intensity of your workout.

Keeping your treadmill at an incline may have an impact on the amount of energy it uses. However, it may not have a significant impact if you use the machine at a slight incline.

A lot of people use the incline for a better workout and to achieve their fitness goals. Those who use their treadmill at a steep incline throughout their workout may see a change in the overall power consumption.

Meanwhile, some people change their speed and incline several times during their workout. They usually do it to keep their workout interesting. Due to frequent changes, it might be difficult to determine the exact consumption of electricity. Nevertheless, it would not make a major difference due to the insignificant impact on electricity usage.

Treadmill Age

Every machine lasts for a certain number of years. Many come with a warranty, while some do not, which means that the proficiency of a treadmill may decrease over the years. As the machine ages, it may begin to consume more energy than usual.


However, you could ensure regular maintenance of your machine to identify any problem. With regular maintenance checks, you may succeed in maintaining the quality of your equipment for a longer period of time.

You could seek professional help for regular checks of your machine, if required. This way, you could prevent problems occurring in any part of the machine and avoid a spike in electricity expenses.

FAQs About Treadmill Electricity Use

Can a Treadmill Be Plugged Into a Regular Outlet?

The majority of home treadmills draw a standard 120-volt, and need a grounded, dedicated outlet for the equipment. A surge protector may secure your device from any damage from electrical currents. If you are not sure that the outlet meets the requirements, consult a professional electrician.

Can a Treadmill Be Plugged into an Extension Cord?

Most manufacturers do not recommend the use of an extension cord with a treadmill. However, with a grounded extension cord, treadmills can operate. The majority of treadmills draw 15 or 20 amps from the wall outlet, so use an extension cord that can manage the same electric current, are shorter than six feet, and 14 gauge thick.


To sum up, the amount of electricity a treadmill consumes depends greatly on how regularly you use the machine. Most individuals use a treadmill in moderation and only work out for shorter periods during the week. The machine is seldom used constantly throughout the day. Thus, it does not have a significant effect on your electricity cost.

You can use the machine’s wattage and your usage of the machine to determine its energy consumption. Other factors like speed, incline, and age of the machine also contribute to its electricity usage.

Make sure you carry out regular maintenance work to avoid any issues in the future. So keeping these factors in mind, and you can determine your treadmill’s electricity consumption.

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