Best Treadclimber Workouts – How to Lose Weight and Burn Calories?

Treadclimber machines combine the benefits of a treadmill and a stair stepper machine and help you lose weight while also building up important muscles. This hybrid technology is suitable for both amateurs and advanced users. The most popular workout is the interval training that pushes your body and keeps things interesting. With a treadclimber, you can walk and even run at different intensities, while the stair stepper features ensure a nice cardio workout.

TreadClimber Interval Workout

Using a treadclimber machine is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. This means that you keep a steady state throughout your entire training. However, you also need variation because that is what perfectly and accurately tones your body. Interval training has been around for a while now and is a great way to vary your routine, and there are many ways to do it.


Here is a nice and simple way to get started.

The workout starts with a short warm-up followed by 6 repetitive motions. Here is what you should know.

  • Start with a two-minute warm-up. Start walking at a nice and comfortable pace that sets you in motion and helps your blood flow. A good warm-up is also necessary to ensure your muscles don’t cramp after the workout.
  • Next, alternate between going a little faster for 60 seconds and then slowing down for 60 seconds. You should do this 6 times during the entire training.
  • 1st interval: After you complete your first two minutes, increase the speed from 4 to around 5 or 6. It is important that you don’t go too quickly because this will increase your chances of an accident. So a great approach is to start slowly and gradually build on your speed.
  • 2nd interval: Once your body is warmed up, increase the speed to 6 or even 7. However, make sure that you do not get worked up during this time. After 60 seconds, bring the speed down back to 4.
  • 3rd interval: Now, you can either go at the same pace or increase it slightly. However, remember that as a beginner, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on the body.
  • 4th interval: This is a high interval pace, and you should ideally walk at a speed of at least 6 or 7.
  • 5th and 6th interval: You can continue with the same speed or just speed it up a little. Challenging your body during the last workout helps make you feel good.
  • Cool down: This 2-minute cool-down session is integral to the entire workout because it helps bring your heartbeat back to normal. You should bring your speed to an absolute minimum at the last minute.

If you are used to walking on a treadmill, you will feel a lot of difference when walking or a treadclimber. This is because 2 miles on the latter are much more challenging.

An interval workout also ensures your interest because a lot of people get bored when they have to go at the same pace throughout the workout.

Plus, a lot of people say that 15 minutes is challenging; however, with this interval training, your body leans into the intense workout gradually and never really gets tired.

You also don’t want to rush into the workout in the beginning because, initially, the body works on increasing its oxygen circulation.

Moreover, when you start on a treadclimber, you may not be able to do a full 15-minute workout. You can start with 5 minute quick workouts, and then you can move to 10 and then 15 minutes. Furthermore, at the start, you can do an interval of 30 seconds and then gradually move from there.


Treadclimber Workouts FAQ

A treadclimber is a relatively new machine, and many fitness enthusiasts are curious about it. Here are some popular questions that people have regarding working out on a treadclimber.

Can You Use a Treadclimber While Pregnant?

Doctors recommend exercising during pregnancy. With a treadclimber, you should adjust the machine’s speed, tension, and incline and keep it at a slow and comfortable pace to prevent accidents. However, during your third trimester, it’s best you avoid intense training that involves fast speeds or a high incline.

Can You Lose Weight with a TreadClimber?

When used consistently, a treadclimber can help you lose weight. The activity is similar to walking up the stairs. In the process, you improve your muscle strength, endurance, and metabolism, which helps you lose weight. However, the key to losing weight is using a treadclimber consistently.

How Many Calories Does a TreadClimber Burn?

Most manufacturers claim that exercising at a speed of around 3.2 mph for 30 minutes at an intensity of 12 burns 321 calories. Lighter people burn less than that. However, heavier people burn a higher number of calories than lighter people. If you burn 321 calories per workout, you can burn around 1 pound every 9-10 days.

Does TreadClimber Burn Belly Fat?

Burning belly fat is one of the most tiresome and difficult parts of losing weight. A treadclimber exerts pressure on your lower belly so that it develops healthier muscle and burns more calories in the process. It also helps tone your entire body, which further helps reduce belly fat.

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