The Treadmill Keeps Stopping – What to Do?

If your treadmill shuts down all of a sudden, it could be because of many reasons. It could be the result of a safety feature programmed in it by the treadmill manufacturer or an indicator of an underlying issue with the treadmill’s platform, walking belt, or engine. To help you identify some of these causes, we have elaborated on them below;

Why Does My Treadmill Stop after 20 Minutes?

If your machine stops after 20 minutes, it could be due to an automatic shutdown feature programmed for most treadmills. If you run it excessively, the motor tends to heat up, causing a fire outbreak. The shutdown feature acts as a safety barrier to protect your treadmill from such risks.

If this happens, your treadmill operates just fine and the best solution is to wait for the treadmill to dissipate the heat and cool down before you restart it. Then ensure that you don’t run it for more than 15 minutes at the highest speed to decrease the chances of it heating up and shutting down automatically.

Alternatively, you can turn off the auto-shutdown option programmed into your treadmill. However, this is not recommended as it may cause problems with the functioning of the treadmill in the future and may lead to permanent damage.

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Why Does the Treadmill Stop Suddenly?

If the treadmill stops suddenly, it can be frustrating to deal with, especially in the middle of a workout. The sudden halt could be related to the under-maintenance of the walking belt or an under-lubricated platform. Operational issues with the motor or a failed circuit breaker in the circuit boards can also cause the treadmill to stop suddenly.

If the belt does not seem straight or has worn out over time, you need to replace it or lubricate it, depending on the extremity of its condition. Lubricants are usually silicone-based formulas that decrease the friction between the deck, the drive belt, and the running belt which causes too much resistance.

If the issue is with the motor, it can cost you quite a few bucks, but still less than buying a new treadmill. If it has stopped working or works poorly, you might need to replace it. People who use their treadmills on high-performance often run into motor issues related to failed circuits. These are the riskiest as they can result in safety issues if not handled properly.

Another issue you may run into is the platform not being slick. This can be fixed by using any lubrication oil to avoid overheating due to too much friction.

Last but not least, make sure to run the treadmill at a very slow speed while testing it for issues.

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Why Does My Treadmill Stop When I Step On It?

There can be a few reasons why your treadmill stops when you step on it. It might be due to the belt being stretched too far during a workout session, resulting in the loss of grip on the rollers. It could also be because of the rear of the treadmill losing its original position due to loose or imbalanced bolts.

However, you can easily fix this issue by checking the owner’s manual and using some readily available tools. All you need is a hex spanner, which usually comes along with the treadmill. This will help you to adjust the bolts by loosening, moving, and finally tightening the rear roller. Make sure to tighten the left and right bolts with equal pressure, as an imbalance can lead to the belt being off-centered.

First, turn off and unplug the treadmill’s power cord from its source. Then locate the bolts at the back of the treadmill. Turn the bolts clockwise. Make sure not to tighten them beyond their capacity as that may lead to belt tension and premature stretching.

It is completely normal for the belt to lose proper tension as a treadmill is designed to be adjusted from time to time before the treadmill parts need replacement. Finally, put the machine to test and let the treadmill run to see if you have fixed the issue. If the issue persists, repeat the steps.

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