What is a Curved Treadmill? – A User Guide

In this article, we introduce curved treadmills, or also known as concave treadmills, and everything you have to know about them.

You may have already asked yourself, and we provide you with an answer:

What is a Curved Treadmill?

A curved treadmill is a concave-shaped, non-motorized device that allows users to walk or run over it. The surface of the treadmill is wrapped with a belt over which the users strike their feet, pushing it backward, enabling them to continue a running or walking motion similar to outdoor running while staying in the same spot.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you must have, at some point, looked into different machines that can aid you in your fitness journey. But while this shopping is exciting, finding the right machine is sometimes quite tricky. And if you are still looking for one, a curved treadmill may be a great option for you.

How Does a Curved Treadmill Work?

There are two basic elements that contribute to the functionality of a curved treadmill. The first is its concave surface, which is basically an inward curve. The second is its non-motorized design. A curved manual treadmill, which gets its name from its surface shape, will only move if there’s someone walking or running on it without an electric motor.

The downstroke friction, the feet and the body weight propel and pull the belt down, enabling running on a treadmill in a single place. The curve treadmill has a certain amount of inertia, so there is a braking phase – the runner can’t stop at once, but has to decrease the speed first.

How to Use a Curve Treadmill?

Step on the treadmill. The curved non-motorized treadmill is self-powered, so simply start walking. The body weight propells the treadmill belt forward: runners can walk, jog, run or sprint just like on a motorized treadmill. Although non-electric, progress can still be tracked. Get used to the concave surface before increasing the speed.

Unlike traditional gym equipment, curved treadmills do not require any specific setup. Given the fact that a curve treadmill is a non-motorized machine, its use is a lot simpler than that of a motorized one. You do not need to plug in the treadmill or set your desired space. On the contrary, all you need to do is find a suitable place for the machine, and you’re good to go.

When people think about treadmills, they usually think about an electric machine with particular needs. And because those machines are hard to maintain, they usually drop the entire idea of buying them. On the other hand, curve treadmills simplify this issue.

These machines come with no maximum speed limits or machine-driven pace. They move as fast as you can. Meaning, you can control the belt speed according to your requirement. Light walk, running, warm-up, cardio – the options are limitless with this machine.

As a curved treadmill owner, you just put on some running shoes and get running. But remember that the machine goes as fast as you do, so do not wait for it to step up the pace. Adjust your pace according to your stamina.

After you achieve your required speed, you have to keep it up. Try to consider this run as a run in the park. You can slow down when you want, and similarly, you can speed accordingly. But once you are done, do not try to stop abruptly. Instead, decrease your pace slowly and bring yourself to a halt, as a motorized treadmill would do. That is important because inertia plays a critical role in the process.

What is a Curved Treadmill

Curved Treadmill vs Flat Manual Treadmill

Curved treadmills have a concave running surface compared to flat manual treadmills which are flat. Both curved and flat manual treadmills are manual, not having a motor. Curve treadmills burn more calories and engage more muscle groups, but may exert the joints more. Curved treadmills are good for running or walking, just like flat manual treadmills.

Differences between a Curved Treadmill and a Regular Treadmill

In case you are still wondering whether to choose a curved or a regular treadmill, let us help you out. The following side-by-side comparison of curved and regular treadmill features will help make the decision easier for you.


As discussed, the running surface of a curved treadmill is concave, while a regular treadmill is completely flat. A curved surface helps you exert yourself to a greater degree, leading to a greater number of calories burned in less time.


A curved treadmill is manual, while regular treadmills are usually powered by a motor.

That means two things. On the one hand, a manual treadmill may help you burn more calories. However, on the other hand, since the curved treadmill is powered by your running action, unlike regular ones with an electric motor, it may also exert your joints more.

What are the Benefits of Curve Treadmills?

Curved treadmills are useful because they don’t need electricity or power cords or a socket. They are really simple-to-use, runners don’t have to learn any buttons or preset workout programs, just step on the belt and run. Curve treadmills also burn more calories, so they are good for losing weight quicker.

We live in a fast-moving world—a world where we consider technology as a constant superior. And since curved treadmills are not motorized, you must be wondering if they are any good. The answer is yes. In fact, they have not just one or two, but many benefits to offer. If you are not convinced, then here are a few examples that will definitely change your mind.

No Power Cords Needed

Since curved treadmills are manual in nature, they do not need to be plugged into a power outlet like electric treadmills. Meaning, you do not have to find a place that is close to a socket. You can place them just about anywhere where there is space. But if you have a socket somewhere near your machine, you can use it for something else like to plug in some entertainment so that you can enjoy your run.

No Use Of Electricity

With a curved treadmill, you won’t have to depend upon a power supply for its functionality. And since they do not use electricity, they won’t add to your electricity bill either. So you get cost-effective fitness aid. If you think about it, you are saving both your health and wealth. And in our opinion, this is a win-win situation.

Simple To Use

Being manual, curved treadmills do not come with the hassles of a motorized treadmill. You do not need to fidget with the buttons or find the right pace and incline for your workout sessions. Instead, you just put your shoes on and get going at your own running speed and self-paced training.

Burn Calories Quicker

While using a curved treadmill, your body is forced to work harder in order to push the belt and achieve the running motion. In other words, you can say that curved treadmills are designed to increase the resistance to movement.

Hence, this increased effort leads you to a better workout and burning calories quicker than you would on a motor-powered machine. And while this may feel tougher, it is definitely worth it if you’re trying to improve your health.

curved treadmill

Does the Curve Treadmill Burn More Calories?

Yes, they burn. People often question if curved treadmills are actually more effective than standard ones. Although motorized treadmills are fancy to use, when it comes to effectiveness, curved ones win the race. Due to the self-powered nature of curve treadmills, runners burn more calories on them.

How Many Calories Do You Burn on a Curved Treadmill?

According to research, curved treadmills or concave treadmills burn 30% more calories than motorized ones. If you burn 100 calories on traditional treadmills or even outside, you will burn 130 calories in the same time using a curved treadmill. When it comes to workout routines, every calorie counts.

Best Curved Treadmill on a Budget

The best budget curved treadmill on offer is the RUNOW Curved Treadmill. It doesn’t need any electricity, but it also tracks and records all necessary running data. It has a maximum weight limit of 287 pounds (130 kg), and a 30% incline capacity. The treadmill also enables you to run at your own speed.

The item’s weight is around 287 pounds (130 kg), and its frame is made from alloy. The item’s dimensions are approximately 67 by 67 by 32 inches, length, width, and height respectively.

Featuring an LCD display, the treadmill provides all the necessary information the runner needs. The four types of adjustable resistance levels provide good training options for beginners and advanced users alike.

It is also very practical that the product has two years warranty.

Curved Treadmills FAQ

What is the Curved Treadmill Called?

Curved treadmills, or also known as curve treadmills, got their name because of the curve in the running surface. However, they are sometimes also called concave treadmills due to the curved shape, or foot-powered treadmills, or self-powered treadmills. Along with flat manual treadmills, they constitute the class of manual treadmills.

What is the Purpose of a Curved Treadmill?

If you ask yourself what’s the point of a curved treadmill, the purpose of a curve treadmill is to provide runners with a good treadmill option with no need for electricity, a treadmill that is self-powered enabling its users to run or walk in their own tempo, in the comfort of their own homes, by applying a new technology.

How to Run on a Curved Treadmill?

Running on a self-powered curved treadmill is very similar to running on a standard treadmill: step on the treadmill, and start running. No need for clicking buttons, just put the body weight against the treadmill belt, and spin it by running. There is an inertia when you want to stop, so you have to slow down or step on the side panels of the treadmill.

Why are Curved Treadmills so Expensive?

The best curved treadmills are more expensive due to their differences from manual flat treadmill models: their unique self-propelling technology, and special components. The manufacturing of concave treadmills also includes more human construction, thus making their price proportionately higher.

Is Running on Curved Treadmill Harder?

Since curved treadmills are self-powered, running and exercising on them is more difficult and exerting. Non-motorized treadmills use the runner’s power to drive and rotate the treadmill belt during the training session, meaning that it takes more physical energy to exercise on it.

Can You Walk on a Curved Treadmill?

Yes, curved treadmills enable walking and running on them as well. A foot powered treadmill offers most of the features that motorized treadmill do. The special arc shaped running surface in them may feel a little strange at first, but runners can get used to them quickly. It also helps to save electricity.

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