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Philadelphia Running and Walking: A Guide for
Athletes and Fitness Seekers
Descriptions and detailed maps of all the top running and
walking routes in and around Philadelphia, including Valley
Forge.  With details of the Philadelphia Marathon and other
events, plus introductions to local running clubs. 104 pages.
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Fun on Foot in America's Cities
Fun On Foot in America's Cities
The USA travel guide book for runners and walkers.  Includes
maps & details of top running, walking trails in New York,
Boston, Chicago, Washington, San Diego, San Francisco, Los
Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Dallas, Denver,
Indianapolis and Atlanta. 388 pages.
Fun On Foot in New York
The runner guide, walking guide to New York City and the
region. Covers all 5 NYC boroughs plus Westchester, Nassau,
Suffolk, Hudson Counties and other centers throughout NY and
NJ. Commentary, maps, photos, directions, and introductions to
70 major running clubs. 380 pages.
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Fun On Foot in New England
The running, walking route guide book for Greater Boston, the
Massachusetts shore, and other centers in all New England
states. Commentary, maps, mileages, photos and directions,
plus public transit options, restroom locations, and much more.
290 pages.
Fun on Foot in New England
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NYC Marathon - congratulations to all runners for doing this run in such challenging weather
conditions.  See our post at
Philadelphia Schuylkill runners map is posted for free download. It maps the Schuylkill trails,
with fine detail including precise mileages from Walnut St. to Manayunk.  Or buy the
Wissahickon Valley Trail Map, waterproof paper map 2013 edition.

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New York City, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, New Jersey
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