How Often Should I Drink When Running On A Treadmill?

water during running

Staying hydrated is a very important part of your everyday routine, especially when you are exercising. During exercise, you tend to lose all the water stored up in your body through sweat, and without the perfect amount of hydration, you won’t be able to work out or even jog easily. The good thing about going

What Muscles Does the Treadmill Work?

A treadmill is known and used for getting your cardio workout in because not only does it get your heart rate up, but it also works your body muscles and tones them. People stick to walking or running on a treadmill according to their ease and preference. But what muscles does the treadmill work exactly?

How Much Space is Needed For a Treadmill? – Treadmill Dimensions

space treadmill

Nothing matches the convenience and ease of having a treadmill at your home, because these top-selling workout machines are all you’re going to need for burning up calories, raising heart rate and toning your muscles. However, positioning treadmills in a home gym demands much room, and it all comes down to identifying the perfect spot

How to Clean a Treadmill? – A Maintenance Guide

Clean Your Treadmill

Keeping your treadmill clean is a very important part of maintaining it. Whether you use your treadmill daily or occasionally, there are some regular cleaning tasks that should be carried out. Cleaning your entire treadmill, including the treadmill belt, helps increase your machine’s life and keeps it in the right working condition. Read our guide

How to Move a Treadmill? – A Maintenance Guide

Many fitness enthusiasts have a treadmill in their homes, while many others look forward to buying it soon. Having a treadmill is one thing; it helps you to maintain fitness. Having to move a treadmill into your new home is another thing; it helps you to showcase your fitness. However, no matter how strong you

Best Alternative Treadmill Workouts

Treadmills have earned the spotlight in almost every gym, but repeating the same monotonous run every day can get quite tedious. It’s time to hype up your daily session with some alternate yet efficient workouts to target your body and burn those calories. Here are some different exercises to maximize the practicality of a treadmill

Treadmill Back Pain – What Can Be the Cause and How to Prevent It?

Treadmill Back Pain feat img

The treadmill is one of the most favored and used machines when it comes to exercising because it is a great way of doing cardio. It pumps up your heartbeat and keeps the blood flow going. However, some people experience a not-so-great experience while using this equipment. Running on a treadmill can be a source

Why Do Knees Hurt When Running on Treadmill?

knees hurt treadmill

A treadmill is incredible for working out, particularly for individuals who cannot go outside for walking or running. Running on a treadmill is not equivalent to running out and about, and people can harm themselves if they do not recognize the distinctions and ensure they are protected. Like with any exercise that is consistent, there

How to Use Treadmill Lubricant? – Lubing a Treadmill Belt

Treadmill Lubricant

If you are a fitness freak, then you must have a treadmill in your home. If you are having issues with your treadmill, make sure you check whether it is fully lubricated or not. If you’re confused, don’t worry; treadmill lubrication is quite easy and will ensure that your belt is running smoothly. How to

Running on Treadmill VS Outside – Which is Better?

This discussion about running on treadmill vs outside is not a new one and there can be arguments for and against both options. Running outside improves stability by pushing you to explore the moving and ever-changing terrain around you. Whereas treadmill running will compel you to maintain speed and performance levels which you may not