Why Does My Treadmill Shock Me? – And How to Avoid?

Despite being one of the most common machines for working out, treadmills can create quite some problems for you. And perhaps the biggest problem is that they generate a lot of static energy. This can shock people using the machine, but more importantly, higher static energy can hamper the functioning of the machine. The likelihood

What to Do if Treadmill Keeps Tripping Breaker?

Treadmills need to be well-maintained, but even when you do everything right, your machine can trip the breaker and shut down. A treadmill usually trips the breaker when it is connected to a faulty outlet like a GFCI or an AFCI. These types of circuits may function well with other devices, but their mechanisms of

What is a Curved Treadmill? – A User Guide

curved treadmill

In this article, we introduce curved treadmills, or also known as concave treadmills, and everything you have to know about them. You may have already asked yourself, and we provide you with an answer: What is a Curved Treadmill? A curved treadmill is a concave-shaped, non-motorized device that allows users to walk or run over

A Treadmill Maintenance Guide – How to Maintain a Treadmill?

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A treadmill is a great exercise machine to stay fit at home, and helps you keep up with a regular workout routine at home. You don’t have to wait for your turn or worry about exercising for too long; you can just hop on anytime and do your cardio session with convenience. However, you’ll need

How Much Electricity Does a Treadmill Use?


A treadmill is an excellent gym machine that enables you to achieve your fitness goals. But, when investing in a treadmill, you must also consider additional costs, including maintenance and repairs and – except for manual treadmills – electricity costs. So, before buying a treadmill, every prudent fitness enthusiast would want to know whether it

How Do I Stop My Treadmill from Squeaking?


Money, time, and optimism; the investment that goes into buying a treadmill is quite huge. So the last thing you need is the machine to falter. Below are some of the reasons why treadmills are squeaking and some ways to fix the problem. Treadmills can sometimes produce a squeaking sound during a running session. The

What to Do with Old Treadmill Units? – A User’s Guide

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Almost every individual has used treadmills. The gym equipment gives us the luxury of pursuing our fitness goals without joining a gym and allows us to get our grind on whenever it feels convenient. However, if you don’t use it anymore, does that mean you just keep it locked away forever? If a treadmill is

Is It Safe to Run Barefoot on a Treadmill?

Barefoot treadmill running is an emerging trend in the world. Although you might have practiced it outdoors on your morning run, it’s highly probable that you’ve had the thought of trying running barefoot on the treadmill too. With a few changes to your running style and some cautious considerations to keep in mind, you can

What is a Treadmill Safety Key and How Do You Use It?

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Treadmills are the most common type of exercise equipment to have at home or at the gym, as people don’t have time to go for a run in the open. As convenient as it gets, exercising on a treadmill can be risky due to the high speeds it is capable of working on. In this

What are the Best Treadmill Workouts for Obese Beginners?

treadmill workouts for obese

Staying fit is one of the common goals that most people share. The best way to shed extra pounds is to utilize the treadmill that you see in every gym. Initially, it is normal to be confused about different treadmill workouts that you may consider to help you lose weight. No need to worry anymore;