Providence, RI: Blackstone Blvd.
East Bay Bike Path, Riverside
East Bay Bike Path, Bristol
Newport, RI: Cliff Walk
Newport, RI: Mansions on the Cliffs
Rhode Island Running and Walking Routes
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Here are some recommended running and walking routes, handy to
and Newport,  from New England's top runner and walker
travel guide
Fun on Foot in New England:

  • From downtown Providence, go through Brown University campus and run or
    walk the city's most popular and comfortable runner and walker route,
    Blackstone Blvd.
  • Choose a segment of the scenic 14-mile East Bay Bike Path from
    Providence to Bristol, and make it into an outstanding outing, optionally
    using bus to finish the loop.  We suggest different options.
  • Run or walk the famous Newport Cliff Walk, and take in some Bellevue Ave.
    mansions on the return leg.  No car needed if staying in Newport.  We have a
    Newport Cliff Walk map.
Fun on Foot in New England
For commentary, maps, and directions on these Rhode
Island routes see  
Fun on Foot in New England.  This
travel guide book also has routes in the
Greater Boston
region (and selected Massachusetts locations) plus
Cape Cod and the Islands, and centers in Connecticut,
Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
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