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Fun on Foot in New York is the popular
guide book with maps for running or walking in
New York City and the surrounding region.  It is
for serious athletes in training and casual
exercisers alike.  It describes over 80 running
routes, walking routes in areas including...
The runners and walkers
guide for New York City
and vicinity
The Bronx
Staten Island
Westchester County
Jersey Side of the Hudson
Long Island
Upstate New York Cities
The Jersey Shore
Where should New Yorkers or visitors to the city run?  In the local park
or on the local trail near home?  Sure.  But there is an enormous amount
to be gained by extending your horizons beyond that.

Everyone knows about Central Park and its excellent running trails.  But
that is only a start.  There are many more great, stimulating running trails
in Manhattan, the other NYC boroughs, and the surrounding region.

I live close to Central Park and am a keen runner.  So, no surprise, I run
often in the park.  However, I also run elsewhere.  Running in different
places stimulates me to get out more and run further.  My wife Nola is
that way too.  If I propose a weekend run together in a new place , I find
her much more willing to join me than if I suggest a loop of Central Park.

For example, there is an excellent trail along the length of Manhattan on
the Hudson bank.  There are several exciting runs involving multiple
crossings of the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn and/or
Queens.  There are some excellent trails along the New Jersey side of
the Hudson and in the Bronx.  And there are many beautiful trail
segments in Brooklyn and in Queens which can be linked up to form
exciting long runs.  Even less known are the scenic trails along the ocean
shore and in the green belt of Staten Island.  And what makes all these
trails so exciting is that they can all be reached easily via the NYC public
transit system.

Nola and I wrote the book "Fun on Foot in New York" to help New
Yorkers and city visitors find all these exciting trails (plus many more) and
enjoy them without the stresses of being unsure what to expect. The
book is as much for the serious athlete in training as for the casual

We don't stop at the City boundary either.  The running trails are so
good in Westchester County, and on Long Island in Nassau and Suffolk
counties, every runner or walker should have a handy guide to these
trails.  We even throw in some of the top notch trails in Upstate New York
and throughout New Jersey.

We cover over 80 routes in all.  We provide over 90 hand-crafted route
maps, including details of everything important to runners or walkers
including mileages, rest rooms, public transit access, water fountains,
attractions, and good food or beverage places to end your outing.  

We have checked all details personally and, when in doubt, confirmed
details with members of the local running community.  The book includes
introductions to over 70 local running clubs.

We firmly believe that running or walking routes should be
enjoyable if we are to get outdoors more.  For the New York City region
we believe we have nailed down the routes that are definitely the most

Warwick Ford; Marathon Runner and Author, New York City
$16.95 Sale Price:
ISBN 978-0-9765244-2-7 (ISBN-10: 0-9765244-2-2)  Paperback.  380
pages.  190 illustrations including 90 maps.
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"Fun on Foot is terrific!"
Bill Rodgers, 4-time winner of the New York
City Marathon and 4-time winner of the
Boston Marathon
"Fun on Foot is terrific!"
Bill Rodgers, 4-time winner of the New York City Marathon and 4-
time winner of the Boston Marathon

"Fun on Foot in New York is a vigorous, rousing, and expansive
springboard for runners seeking foot-friendly routes in New York City
and its surrounds!"
Lisa Ondieki, New York City Marathon Winner and record holder
for nine years

"Nola and Warwick's book Fun on Foot in New York inspired me to walk
across the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy Dumbo and the Brooklyn
waterfront. I've lived in New York all my adult life and never did this.
It was a fabulous experience."
Kathrine Switzer, 1974 winner of the NYC Marathon and author
Marathon Woman

"Very well done!  A great resource for runners who live in metro New
York or who travel to the area."
Mike Barnow, 30-year veteran coach of elite distance runners,
Westchester County, NY

"Wow!  Not only does it give an accurate description of what our club
considers its home, but it provides all relevant contact information.  With
this book seasoned runners, beginners, nature lovers, anyone can grab
it and go.  There truly is something for everyone."
Gerard Ruiz, President, Alley Pond Striders, Queens, NY

"Fun on Foot is the book we runners have long been waiting for!"
Fred Haslett, President, Long Island Road Runners Club

"I just finished reading the chapter on The Bronx and found it to be
wonderfully detailed; in fact there are sections I've not run before but
will now consider trying.  Well done!"
Ken Rolston, Coach of Van Cortlandt Track Club, The Bronx, NY

"The book is well organized... informative and easy to read… Whether
you’re a tourist or a local,
Fun on Foot in New York would make a great
running or walking resource."  Read Full Review

"I am extremely pleased by all of his course descriptions.  It is a
wonderful resource for New Yorkers and outsiders alike.  Enlightening
and dead-on accurate."
Alex Gonzales, New York runner for 10 years and 7-time
marathon finisher

"I own the New York City book in your wonderful series and am amazed
at how well -- and candidly -- you describe some of the routes."
Robin Howald, Galloway NYC Running Group

"As anyone who has ever used a guide book knows, having good
information is one thing, and finding it is another.
Fun on Foot handles
both and handles them well ... you’ll find this to be a valuable addition to
a home library on things to do and places to go."
Eric Turkewitz, Race Director, Paine to Pain 1/2 Marathon Trail
Race, New Rochelle, NY
Read Full Review

"A complete and comprehensive runner's guide to the Big Apple.
Anyone who enjoys these activities and is going to be in New York
should get
Fun on Foot in New York."
Midwest Book Review Read Full Review

"This is a really wonderful book!  It’s a great tool because there are tons
of trails in New York City."
Matthew Maggiacomo, WNBC TV New York  Hear Full Interview

"The book may be especially helpful for Long Islanders who want to
spend a day walking or running in the city but with the exception of
Central Park fear to tread in Manhattan."
New York Newsday  Read Full Article

"A cool new book!"
Brian Lehrer, WNYC, New York NPR  Hear Full Interview  

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