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Fun on Foot in America's Cities is the USA
travel guide for travelers who run or runners who
travel. It describes running and walking conditions
and recommends top on-foot routes in...
The book featured in USA Today
ISBN-978-0-9765244-0-3   Paperback  388
pages. 190 illustrations including 64 maps.
The guide book for the
traveler who keeps fit the
tried and true way -
running or walking
Los Angeles
New York City
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington, DC
Travelers, especially business travelers, face challenges in keeping fit
while on the road.  Running or walking is the obvious answer for many
of us, but we have limited time and serious doubts as to where to go.

We find it hard to get out because of concerns about security, vehicle
traffic, and other unknowns that might lead to unpleasantness.  I often
felt that way during the many years I was a corporate road warrior.

What we need is a
runners' travel guide, with solid, reliable information
on running conditions in strange places.

I researched “Fun on Foot in America’s Cities” over several years,
during business and recreational travel.  I wanted to document the best
running routes in the places I visited.  My wife Nola became enthused
about this project and joined in, adding her own perspectives.  

Our book describes the running and walking environments in 14 major
USA metropolitan regions and recommends the best routes in
convenient reach of hotels.  We cover Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas,
Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York,
Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC.

We provide route maps, with details important to runners or walkers,
including mileages, restrooms, public transit, water fountains,
attractions, and great food or beverage places to end your outing.  

We firmly believe that running or walking routes should be enjoyable if
we are to get outdoors more.

Warwick Ford; Marathon Runner, ex-Road-Warrior, and Author
$14.99 Sale Price:
Review Comments
"Ford has written a well-researched guide that will prove very
convenient for the traveler interested in maintaining her or his exercise
routine. Highly recommended for all public libraries in the states in
which the aforementioned cities are located [CA, CO, DC, GA, IL, IN,
MA, MN, NY, PA, TX & WA] and for large public libraries throughout the
rest of the country."
Library Journal         Read Full Review

"It's a fitness plan so simple it's stunning. So simple, in fact, it's
disguised as a guide book.
Fun on Foot resonated with me instantly. …
While I love city guide books, there can be a sort of smug superiority in
that type of production.
Fun on Foot, on the other hand, is very
accessible and friendly, as well as informative.  In a very real way,
on Foot
is a guide book, but it's also much more."   
January Magazine         Read Full Article

"Fun on Foot in America's Cities by Warwick and Nola Ford is the
ultimate guide to the "unseen" America via foot travel.
Fun on Foot is
very highly recommended to all American vacationers, especially those
in-tune with nature."
The Midwest Book Review       Read Full Review

"As an avid jogger and well-traveled executive of a California telecom
firm, Warwick Ford could write a book on great places to run in big
cities across the USA. And now he has: Titled
Fun on Foot in America's
, it outlines 50 top running (or walking) routes in 14 metro areas
USA Today     Read Full Article

"Travelers who enjoy exercising and would love to tour Washington DC
can now do both with a exciting new guide book called:
Fun On Foot in
America's Cities
. What we found most enjoyable about the new guide is
the handy tips such as which Washington DC neighborhoods are best
for walking, average temperatures, a map to plan your route, and what
to look out for along the way."
USA Travel Magazine     Read Full Article

"A fun and entertaining guide to walking routes in major cities. A great
source of information for travelers that want to stay fit while away from

"It’s an easy read, but also very informative and entertaining with over
64 maps and 125 photographs.   It is a great choice for any exercise
enthusiast (like me! . . . hint, hint) on your list this holiday season."

"Ever been in an unfamiliar metropolitan area and felt the urge to walk
or jog off a meal or just stretch after a plane flight?  
Fun on Foot in
America's Cities
… can help you find a safe and scenic route in big
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"While city life presents the most unique challenge to outdoor exercise,
Fun On Foot in America’s Cities
provides fifty interesting
walking/running/inline-skating routes in fourteen metropolitan areas.
Business travelers especially will make good use of this book."
ForeWord Magazine

"This book is the ultimate guide for travelers interested in jogging,
skating, walking, and/or bike riding in any of fourteen major
metropolitan areas across the United States."
The US Review of Books
"Fun on Foot in America's Cities is ideal for business travelers, avid
runners, active vacationers, and anyone who likes to explore the urban
outdoors.  Most routes are 6 to 10 miles, which at first blush might
intimidate novices, but the routes are so well chosen, and the Fords'
enthusiasm and expertise so infectious, that when you reach the end
you'll want to start all over again."
BookWire Review       Read Full Review

"Fun on Foot is a new tome designed to help exercisers stick to their
fitness program while away from home on business or on vacation.  
Authors Nola and Warwick Ford mapped out 50 "irresistible" running
routes in 14 major U.S. cities, using the criteria of comfort,
convenience, attractions and a worthwhile destination."
New Jersey Star-Ledger

"I like the casual attitude and other readers should also enjoy this
easiness.  The history lessons are very informative and a great
addition for runners to ponder on when moving on foot around the
area.  The running routes provide runners with an interesting selection
of city, water, forest, and historic parkland venues.  Runners like
choices and the variety of routes will keep the boredom away.  The
route maps with supporting mass transit information will put runners at
ease and it gives a good feeling of added security for individuals new to
the area."
Harry Greco, runner for 40 years and frequent traveler, Boston

"I like the approach of appealing to the reader’s sense of and desire to
have “fun.”  I also like the four attributes used to evaluate a run.  With
respect to Chapter 10 on “Big D”, it hits the nail on the head:  lots of
shopping, friendly people, and crazy traffic.  The running routes
described are great for locals or visitors!"
Steven Cox, running addict and eight-time Marine Corps
Marathon finisher, Dallas

"As a runner I found the whole concept to be an especially appealing
one.  I lived on the Upper East Side for about seven years so I am quite
familiar with the Manhattan routes outlined, although I had never
thought of doing both bridges in one run!  
Also, in all the time I was there I never really saw all that much of
Brooklyn, so at some point I will be sure to try out the two routes the
authors have come up with.  Basically, I found the book very enjoyable
to read."
Allen Volchuk, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and avid
runner; formerly of New York

"The concept of the book is wonderful.  I especially liked how it stressed
providing some sort of reward for each of the runs/walks.  Having a
carrot at the end of the stick helps me to keep going on the long runs,
and brunch or a cold beer always does the trick.  The description of the
weather conditions from the Wharf to the Beach Chalet was perfect."  
Ric Bremer, San Francisco

"Wow, what an accurate and informative description of our great city.  I
learned a bit of history and was also reminded of two pubs we must
visit.  The three routes picked are excellent and the detail of the
descriptions is excellent.  Great work!"
Rob Cooney, Denver

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