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Morton's Neuroma
by Nola Ford, Fun on Foot, November 2015

Morton’s Neuroma is a thickening of a nerve in the foot between the
third and fourth metatarsals (toe bones) which can become debilitating.

I have been struggling for two years with an ever-growing Morton’s
Neuroma.   I completed a course of anti-inflammatory drugs.  I bought
excellent orthotics for my roomy running shoes, and I tried different
types of shoes.  Three cortisone injections did not improve the
condition.   I could not run anymore but what was worse, I could not
even walk without each step hitting the nerve against a ligament, every
hour of the day.

Morton’s Neuroma tends to target women, who at some age wore overly
tight shoes which squish the nerve.

I had surgery three weeks ago.  The neuroma was taken out, the nerve
cut, frozen and knitted into the bone.  The procedure is short but the
recovery quite challenging.  I was three weeks with foot elevated until
stitches were ready to come out.  Now it will be four weeks in a surgical
shoe progressing from non-weight bearing to partial and then finally –
the light at the end of the tunnel – a regular walking shoe.  As I look out
the window of my living room wondering why I had this surgery and
wishing I was running with my club in Central Park, I think of every
painful step that I used to walk, and know that this was the right

See Jordan Metzl’s
Running Strong for more details of this running
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