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NYC Marathon Team Tracking Spreadsheet
by Warwick Ford, Fun on Foot, November 2015

Fun on Foot has released a free spreadsheet that lets you easily track
the times you expect members of your team to pass specific
checkpoints on the course.  It tracks up to 60 runners with up to three
checkpoints.  To use it:
  • download the spreadsheet at www.funonfoot.
  • get names, bib numbers, and time projections of your runners
    and enter them
  • print the spreadsheet or distribute as a pdf to everyone interested

When filling the spreadsheet note the following:
  • only enter data in the yellow fields
  • choose your checkpoints (up to 3) and enter them at the top
  • enter for each runner: Name, Bib number or wave number, and
    Goal total elapsed time for the 26.2 miles
  • if the runner tells you a pace rather than elapsed time use the
    little calculator on the top right of the form to convert it
  • an optional feature allows a runner to specify not just a goal time
    but also a worst case time and/or best case time; repeat – this is
    optional and some runners will not want to do that

After building your sheet, you may want to sort it so that the fastest
runners appear at the top.  You can do this, sorting by either bib
number or goal time, which will give you a roughly (but not perfect)
correct order.  To do this use Excel’s sort function, sorting the entire big
yellow block, with the sorting based on the appropriate column (either
Bib # or GOAL).

If you need any help please email

Best wishes for success in the big event!
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