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Brooklyn Bridge Park – a Place for Running
by Warwick Ford, Fun on Foot, August 2015

With Brooklyn Bridge Park now reportedly close to completion we
checked it out from the runner’s perspective.  Our conclusion is it
provides a great trail for local runners and can also help build
interesting trails for some Manhattan-side runners doing an excursion
over the Brooklyn Bridge.

The trail starts at the south end at Atlantic Avenue and follows the
shore to under the Brooklyn Bridge at Old Fulton St, continuing on to
Jay Street in Dumbo.  We measured the trail at 1.1 miles from Atlantic
Ave to Old Fulton St and a further 0.6 miles on to Jay Street, from which
it is roughly 0.2 mile to the Manhattan Bridge ramp, the Brooklyn Bridge
ramp, or the York Street F-train station.

It is a very attractive trail with plenty of things to see and do.  There are
eating and drinking establishments and public restrooms near the
Atlantic Avenue end and around Old Fulton Street.  There are several
water fountains.  There are sports fields and the carousel.  The trail is
mostly complete, except for the section under the Brooklyn Bridge
where you need to take a detour onto the streets.

For someone starting on the Manhattan side, you can get to the trail by
taking the first exit stairs from the Brooklyn Bridge and going east to
connect to Old Fulton Street.  From there, you can spend some time in
the park before returning back to Manhattan or use the trail to Atlantic
Avenue as part of your connection to Prospect Park, and destinations
beyond such as Coney Island and Bay Ridge.

We have updated our online map of Brooklyn/Manhattan Bridges to
Prospect Park (BR1, BR2) to show how this new trail fits in.  (Get this
map free
here.) Enjoy this very pleasant new route option in Brooklyn.
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