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Book Review: Running Strong by Jordan D Metzl
MD with Claire Kowalchik
by Warwick Ford, Fun on Foot

Running Strong
is partly an armchair book expounding good ideas to
athletes and partly a reference work to consult about injury conditions
that runners are at risk of encountering.  Whatever way you look at it,
this book is packed with information that will make us better and
healthier athletes.

It starts with a solid introduction to contemporary health medicine
principles and reinforces why those principles are so important.  This is
followed by a more precise but highly readable description of the body
mechanics of running.  Then there is the large reference section which
addresses pains and injuries in great detail.  Nobody can write such
material as well as Dr. Metzl – if you read his book
The Athlete’s Book of
Home Remedies
you will have a good idea what to expect here, but the
material is updated.  The illustrations are outstanding.

Then there is a section on workout programs to maintain your body
healthy; then a section on nutrition, shoes, and clothing.

So this book covers most all concerns a runner might ever face.  I highly
recommend it for any runner.  Read the armchair parts right away then
keep it on the shelf for future reference.

(C) Copyright, Warwick Ford, 2015  
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