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Book Review: Hansons Marathon Method by Luke
Humphrey with Keith and Kevin Hanson
by Warwick Ford, Fun on Foot

This book came to my attention last summer when I was starting training
for the 2014 New York City Marathon.  It looked interesting enough for
me to try following its training method for that race.  It has some
differences from the more traditional methods I had followed in the past.

Like the typical marathon training program it lays out a plan for a
roughly four month preparation program.  The structure of the program
is supported by some serious theoretical and practical reasoning and
the reasoning has apparently been tested over several years in
practice involving both professional and amateur athletes of all levels of
skill and experience.

The main differences between this training program and the typical one
are  (a) it emphasizes more miles of training; (b) it demands running
generally six days per week training; (c) it does not require nor
recommend long runs over 16 miles, and (d) it sets a slow pace for
about half the training runs (1-or-2 minutes off target marathon pace).

The book argues that this approach minimizes the risk of bonking in the
late stages of a marathon and also minimizes the risk of injury.

I found the book very logical and, since I thought it might be a good fit
for me, I indeed gave it a try, with only a few adjustments of my own.  
For example, I could not accept no long runs over 16 miles so, in my
program, added the occasional 20-mile long run.

The result worked out fine.  I suffered no injuries and I was indeed well
prepared for the marathon and experienced no bonking.  My speed was
not what I would desire but I blame that more on my aging body than on
the Hansons training plan.  I intend to follow the same plan for 2015
New York.

Therefore I would recommend this book to anyone about to start
marathon training.  At least, read it and pick up some useful ideas even
if you do not follow the plan rigorously.

(C) Copyright, Warwick Ford, 2015  
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