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Book Review: The Exercise Cure by Jordan D
Metzl, MD, Andrew Heffernan, CSCS
by Warwick Ford

This book comprises two main parts, the first a discussion of the
benefits of exercise on virtually all the ailments one is likely to
encounter and the second a description of workout programs designed
to benefit most people.  

The first part makes this book unique.  It expounds the thesis that
exercise can and should be considered a means of preventing, treating
and sometimes curing many problematic health conditions, possibly as
important as more traditional treatments such as medications.  The part
of the book developing this thesis is interesting reading.  It addresses a
wide range of health disorders, including addiction, anxiety, depression,
stress, cardiopulmonary problems, sexual problems, muscular and joint
problems, osteoarthritis, and cancer, and discusses the benefits of
exercise in preventing or treating such problems.  For many of these
conditions, the authors cite scientific studies that substantiate the
benefits of exercise and therefore support the main thesis.  However,
the coverage is balanced and objective and is not entirely aimed at
building the thesis.  In some cases, it makes the point that too much
exercise or certain forms of exercise might exacerbate the condition.  
This book is not, however, a medical textbook.  It is written in a style that
makes for easy reading for the non-medical layman who is its target

The second main part, describing effective workout programs, starts
with some sound general advice.  Then follow detailed descriptions of
three levels of workout programs – beginner, intermediate and
advanced.  These well described and illustrated workout programs are
very good, but this part of the book is more a reference resource than
an easy read.  After the workout programs there is one short chapter
on nutrition for athletes.  This chapter contains some excellent general
advice without getting into boring and unnecessary detail, as so often
happens with nutrition books.

This book is highly recommended for all persons who suffer,
occasionally or regularly, from health conditions that cause them to
question the benefits of regular exercise.  It is also recommended for
athletes needing encouragement and guidance for working out more
regularly.  Final conclusion: this book is well worth reading by all
budding and established athletes.

(C) Copyright, Warwick Ford, 2014  
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