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Book Review: The Athlete's Book of Home
Remedies by Jordan D Metzl, MD
by Warwick Ford, Fun on Foot

Nobody is better equipped than Jordan Metzl to provide medical and
fitness advice in book form to athletes. He is a well known sports
medicine physician at New York City's Hospital for Special Surgery.  He
is also an accomplished and currently active athlete, running marathons
and Ironmans.

The Athlete's Book of Home Remedies lives up to its potential
admirably.  It opens with a collection of sage pointers on how to best
keep your body athletically fit, for example, ensuring to continue
exercising when injured.  About two-thirds of the subsequent content
addresses the various parts of the body, starting with the feet and
ending with the head, and describing the problems that athletes
encounter, how to avoid these problems, and how to treat them.  Dr
Metzl explains first what you can do yourself to deal with these problems
and also under what circumstances you really need to consult a
physician.  Coverage is very comprehensive, including all injuries and
other body functioning problems I can remember encountering in my
athletic endeavors.

The explanations are very lucid, accompanied by vivid illustrations of
how various parts of the body function.

The final third of the book addresses other topics including general
advice to athletes in particular sports, exercise routines for best
developing the body, and dietary advice for athletes.  While this material
is helpful, you would not buy the book for these parts as there are more
complete coverages of these individual topics in other books.

However, you should buy this book for Dr Metzl's detailed coverage of
the body and its failure modes encountered by athletes. He has a
unique understanding of both the athlete's body and the athlete's
mind.   This is an invaluable reference for all athletes, plus interesting
page-to-page reading too.

(C) Copyright, Warwick Ford, 2012  
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