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It is 4.2 miles from Port Imperial to Hoboken Station, entirely on the
waterfront.  Optionally you can continue going a further 1.7 miles to
Newport/Pavonia and then a further 3.2 miles to the north end of Liberty
State Park, but these extensions are not quite as pleasant as you are
forced to leave the waterfront in places.  

All places mentioned above are convenient to public transit to Manhattan
and the Jersey City region.  Port Imperial, North Hoboken, and Liberty
State Park have regular ferry service to Manhattan, and Hoboken Station
and Newport/Pavonia have regular PATH train service to Manhattan.  All
points mentioned above are convenient to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail
within New Jersey.  Consider adding to this run some time exploring
Liberty State Park and/or a brunch at any of several good
establishments along the way.  

You have many different options for putting together a pleasant little
half-day outing here mixing some exercise with some more casual

(C) Copyright, Warwick Ford, 2012
Weehawken Waterfront Walkway
by Warwick Ford, Fun on Foot

If you are a Manhattan or Jersey City dweller seeking somewhere
different to run, consider the route along the Hudson River in New
Jersey from Port Imperial through Weehawken to Hoboken Station.  The
recent completion of the Weehawken Waterfront Walkway makes the
2.7-mile stretch from Port Imperial Ferry Terminal to North Hoboken
Ferry Terminal a particularly pleasant route.  On Sunday we checked it
out and were surprised at how much better this route is now than when
we last were there, two years ago.
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