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Salt Lake City Marathon and Half 2012
by Warwick Ford

These Salt Lake City events were on Saturday April 21.  Since I was in
the vicinity and seeking a Half Marathon to round out my early season
training I decided to stop by to run the Half.  It turned out to be a well
organized and very enjoyable event.

The courses of both races started on the University of Utah campus and
finished about 4 miles away in downtown Salt Lake City.  Since most
downtown hotels were convenient to the finish, the main transportation
issue was getting to the 7:00 am start on campus.  The choices for this
travel were the UTA TRAX light rail service or taxi.  The schedule for the
light rail was not very frequent early on a Saturday morning, but I was
concerned about traffic congestion fouling up the taxi system so opted
for the light rail.  It turned out that the transit authority was running extra
services that morning and it was fast and direct so this turned out to be a
good choice.

The start area organization was as good as any I have seen, with more
than enough porta-potties and a well-manned bag check.  Weather was
a brisk 40 degrees at the start but the forecast was for warming into the
70s during the morning - as good as it gets.

The Half Marathon course was generally flat but with a substantial
downhill for the first three miles and some more challenging ups and
downs in the last three miles.  The toughest part of the course was a
short, quite steep uphill in the last mile.  From all reports I heard, the
Marathon course had similar characteristics.

The 5,000-plus feet elevation would have made it tougher for some but I
had the luxury of having trained the prior month at 8,000 feet.
Post-race arrangements were excellent, with water, chocolate milk,
popsicles, and fruits for all.

This was undoubtedly an excellent event I would recommend to anyone.

(C) Copyright, Warwick Ford, 2012
Race Start, U of Utah
The Author at the Finish
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