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Protest Paving the Old Putnam Trail in Van
Cortlandt Park
by Warwick Ford

The New York City Parks Department has announced plans to pave with
asphalt and almost double the width of the Old Putnam Trail.  This is an
8-feet wide 1.5-mile long trail, currently earth surfaced, linking the heart
of Van Cortlandt Park to Westchester County.  Over 1.5 acres of trees
and natural bush would be destroyed.

This proposal has raised protests from many of the trail’s users who
propose, instead, resurfacing the trail with stone dust and keeping the
width unchanged – a much less costly and more environmentally
friendly proposal.

We at Fun on Foot support this alternative proposal.  This is a beautiful
trail and is very important for distance runners since it links the Bronx
trail system to Yonkers and the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail stretching
northward in Westchester County.

We runners do not need more hard surface trails in place of soft
surface trails that are friendlier to our oft-tortured bodies.  Destroying
trees also means reducing welcome shade and air quality.  The funds
saved can be very well deployed improving the level of maintenance on
certain other Van Cortlandt Park trails.

To find out more about the alternative proposal and to express your
support, visit the website .  For more
details of all trails in this area see our book
Fun on Foot in New York.

(C) Copyright, Warwick Ford, 2012
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