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Go west on Dyckman Street 0.3 mile. You pass some non-notable eating
and drinking establishments on the way and public restrooms at the
playground after Payson Avenue.  Continue under the overhead bridges
to the Dyckman Fields entrance of Inwood Hill Park on the right.  
NOTE: On the left is what looks like access to a trail down the Hudson but do not be
fooled - it does not connect to the main Hudson River trail.

Follow the path past the ball fields, passing water fountains and
seasonal portable restrooms on the way.  At 0.6 miles take the
pedestrian overpass to the right across the rail tracks, with a sign
pointing to Inwood Hill Park Nature Center.  Soon the paved trail splits
with the right-hand branch going under the highway.  Take the left
branch through the trees and uphill.  The path splits again.  Take the
right-hand path which joins the edge of the Henry Hudson Parkway.  
When you reach the toll gates you have a choice of taking the walkway
of the Henry Hudson Bridge to the Bronx or a trail to the left which goes
to the northeast part of Inwood Hill Park.  Take the former and at 1.3
miles reach the Bronx end of the bridge and the big No Cameras sign.

Continue about 150 yards to a short set of steps down to Koppack
Street.  Go left along Koppack Street to Independence Avenue and
cross it.  Go right along the edge of Henry Hudson Memorial Park.  At
1.5 miles you see on the left the impressive statue of Henry Hudson atop
its tall column.  At W 232nd Street go right.  There is a water fountain off
to the left here in Seton Park near the ball field.  At 1.8 miles cross over
the Henry Hudson Parkway.

Continue along W 232nd Street, past the Dead End sign at Netherland
Avenue.  Take the concrete steps down to Johnson Avenue and W
232nd Street.  Follow W 232nd Street, swinging right past Oxford
Avenue and Cambridge Avenue.  Go steeply downhill now, either
through or around the edge of Ewen Park to Riverdale Avenue and W
231st Street.

At 2.3 miles from the start, cross Riverdale Avenue and bear left on the
east sidewalk of Irwin Avenue.  The going here is very pleasant, shady
and downhill.  Cross W 232nd Street and W 238th Street and bear right
along W 240th Street.

At 3.0 miles from the start you reach the intersection of Broadway and W
240th Street, the southwest corner of Van Cortlandt Park.  If you are
finished the exercise part of your outing now and want a food/beverage
stop and a subway ride home, we recommend going down Broadway
and left into W 238th Street where you find an excellent establishment,
the Bronx Alehouse.  It has good food, good company, and a good
choice of beers including real English-style ale.  The W 238th Street
1-train station is nearby.

To continue your running or walking route from W 240th Street into Van
Cortlandt Park, go up Broadway to the W 242nd Street subway station,
go right into the park, and proceed northeast along the south edge of
the Parade Ground to the Van Cortlandt House Museum and the Nature
Center where there are restrooms and trail maps.  The total distance to
here from Dyckman Street and Broadway is 3.4 miles.

To run further in the Bronx, consult
Fun on Foot in New York or its map
set.  Routes BX1, BX2 and BX8 can tack directly onto the end of this
route and the mileages are additive.

Here are some examples of combined routes:
- Hudson River Trail at W 125th Street to Van Cortlandt Park via routes
MH3 and BX9: 7.4 miles;
- Dyckman Street and Broadway to the New York Botanical Garden via
routes BX9 and BX2: 5.5 miles;
- Central Park South to Pelham Bay Park via routes MH2, MH3, BX9,
BX2 and BX6: 17.7 miles. (A great idea for a marathon long training run.)

We shall publish a detailed map of this route in the next update of our
New York City downloadable map set.  Meanwhile, explore and enjoy this
route and give us your feedback!

(C) Copyright, Warwick Ford, 2011
Dyckman Fields Entrance
Henry Hudson Memorial
Bronx Alehouse
Van Cortlandt House Museum
New York Botanical Garden
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New York City - Manhattan Hudson River Trail to
Van Cortlandt Park
by Warwick Ford, Fun on Foot

The popular Hudson River trail in Manhattan ends at the George
Washington Bridge, with a continuation along the edge of the Henry
Hudson Parkway to emerge close to the west end of Dyckman Street.  
Not far away, in the Bronx, there are many excellent trails in or
connecting to Van Cortlandt Park.  We have been researching
connections between these two trail systems for some time and believe
we have now nailed the very best one.  This trail will allow you to connect
from the Manhattan Hudson River trail to the New York Botanical
Garden, Pelham Bay Park, Yonkers and points further north in
Westchester County.

The on-foot distance from Dyckman Street and Broadway to the Van
Cortlandt Park Nature Center is 3.4 miles, of which 0.5 mile is on
pedestrian/bike paths and the rest are on (mostly quiet and
pedestrian-friendly) street sidewalks.
The Manhattan end of this trail
connects to Fun on Foot routes MH3
(Upper Hudson River and the Cloisters)
and MH8 (Harlem Parks Corridor).  The
Bronx end connects to routes BX1 (Van
Cortlandt Park), BX2 (Van Cortlandt to
Botanical Garden) and BX8 (Van
Cortlandt to Yonkers).  Both ends are
convenient to subway stations and
food-beverage establishments.  
Therefore, there are some good options
here for creating longer routes with a
pleasant wind-down place and/or a
subway ride back to where you started.

This route, denoted BX9, starts at the
intersection of Dyckman Street and
Broadway near the Dyckman Street
A-train station.  This point is 0.1 mile
from the entrance to Fort Tryon Park (at
Riverside Drive and Payson Avenue)
which is the 3.9-mile mark of route MH3,
the Hudson River trail from W 125th
Street.  (If directly linking routes MH3
and BX9 subtract 0.5 miles from the
sum of the base route distances.)  The
start point is also 0.3 mile from the
Dyckman Street 1-train station and the
start of route MH8 going down the
Harlem River.  (If directly linking routes
MH8 and BX9 add 0.3 miles to the sum
of the base route distances.)  
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